Golden Visa

When a client decides to purchase a property in Greece, the first step to take is to choose a Real Estate Agency that will help him find a property which best suits in his needs.
We are cooperating with the most trustworthy Real Estate Agencies in Greece, to guarantee a wide selection of properties as well as a high level of service. Once our client has chosen the right property for his needs, our team of  experts will help him to complete a successful investment in 8 steps.


In order for the Real Estate Agency to remove the chosen property from the market, the client has to pay a deposit of 2% of the property value.


Beside the legal check of the property our client is willing to buy, we are covering the
following necessary actions:
• We arrange for our client the appointment with the notary in order to sign the Power of Attorney (PoA), so we deal with all the procedure of the purchase without his presence.
• We handle all the bureaucracy to issue a tax ID. The investor needs the tax ID in order to purchase a real estate property and deal with the public sector. The tax ID is also needed to arrange the utilities bills (water supply, electricity, telephone, internet etc).
• We meet the bank officers to open a bank account under our client’s name, for all the transactions relating to his property.
• We represent our client during the whole procedure of the property purchase,
(pre-agreement, legal check, deposit agreement, final contract, register of the property at the Land Registry.
• We accompany our client to all the necessary appointments for the Golden Visa.


After the signing of the promissory purchase contract, in a period of 4-6 weeks, depending on the conditions agreed with the vendors, the public deed of purchase will be signed by the client with our assistance or by us with the mentioned power of  attorney. At this moment, the balance of the purchase price must be paid to the seller, granting the buyer possession of the property.


Our firm cooperates with experienced accountants who undertake to declare our client’s new property to the tax authorities and take care of all the client’s tax obligations with the most competitive pricing and a very efficient way. Our clients get a free regular 3 months financial information report, about their investments.


Once the client has chosen the property, we will request the Real Estate Agency to provide us with the contact details of the vendors to notify them of our representation and to request the necessary documentation to carry out the appropriate due diligence by which we will verify all the aspects related to the property


Thanks to the Power of Attorney our client has granted our legal firm, we undertake to register the property to the Land of Registry and issue the title deed under his name. This is also a very important step that has to be done carefully because the transfer of ownership is a very serious procedure for the future property rights of our investor.


Our administration department takes care of changing the ownership in all the utility bills and supplies related to the investor’s property, as well as arranging the direct debiting of those bills through his bank account so he can pay by e-banking all his obligations.